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The EARS Swapmeet

This past summer, Ray Albert, W3BFC, donated the following equipment to EARS to be sold for contributions to be applied to the the EARS Scholarship fund.

Some of the items were unusable, others however are quite serviceable. All are previously used, some are a bit banged up, others are cleanable/restorable or adaptable to station use.

Connectors and cables will be supplied with each item purchased as long as quantities hold out. Most of the microphones are of a higher quality than those usually found in amateur radio stations.

All of the microphones have low impedance outputs (whereas most amateur mics are high impedance). I can supply you with schematic diagrams of my own design that will allow you to build and interface the mics to your radios.

Low impedance microphones (these are 150 ohms to 250 ohms) put out lower voltage levels than typical amateur mics so they need those levels to be amplified to be usable by the radios. Additionally the impedance needs to be raised to a value of 10k-20k ohms to more closely match the input impedance of the radio. The circuit I can provide will perform those functions but you will have to build it yourself. I can teach you how to do that if you've never tried it before. You can start with one of these mics then graduate to a new one to be purchased in the future if you wish. These are good starters and are priced as such.

Some of the mics have stand adapters, some do not but I can help you find where you can acquire stand adapters and appropriate stands or alternate interconnect cables and appropriate radio connectors.

The pictures provided below have been acquired from the internet and may not represent the exact condition of the mic you would receive. If you don't like the condition of the mic, simply don't accept it.

Each mic has a different condition, you will receive the best one I have of the lot left. Some can be completely reconditioned, some just need cleaning. The AKG D190E's are excellent mics, (7 available).

Another excellent choice is the Sennheiser MD 402-U (4 available). These types of mics are professional recording mics, and are excellent performers. Some of the mics I've never personally used but are completely usable.

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